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hockwold village guestbook

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01/10/2019 20:03:02
Does anyone know what the Statue relates to that’s on the Green outside the Red Lion PH?
Christine Cottell Hockwold  England UK

23/04/2019 20:08:10
Hi all My name is Carole Benham nee Owen and I believe my Mum’s father’s family the PALMERs had ancestors in the area. Her Uncle Arthur ‘Jerry’ (spoke of a great Uncle ALFRED PALMER who was a blacksmith in Hockwold. I belive his father was Samuel Palmer a blacksmith from Lakenheath. I live in Hobart Tasmanai Australia. I would love to learn more about my family if anyone knows of them? Kind regards Carole
Carole Benham Hobart  Tasmania Australia

My Name is June Archibald, I visited Hockwold Hall in September 1963 with my father on a trip from Canada. I am in possession of letters written pre postage from the Hall. My father collected them as part of his stamp collecting. These are from the Wyche family. and start in the late 1600. I was in contact with the Hall but went on vacation and cannot find them. If you know anyone who would be interested in these letters please contact me. June Archibald 12200 2nd. Concession, Zephyr, Ontario Canada L0E 1T0
June Archibald Zepher  Ontario Canada

Hello, I left a message some years ago but didn't leave an address to be contacted. My name was Nan Livingood at the time if anyone there would like to contact me please send ad e-mail to Merry Christmas to all. I will never forget my Christmas there or the beautiful village of Hockwold
Nan Frey    USA

I am Gary Lisowski, i lived across the street from 1989 till 1992 and was in the US Air Force and drove a g reg escort blue convertible. I have lived in Georgia since i retired from USAF, now relocating to Texas. I used to hang out with the pub gang there: Marty, Wellie, Lanky, Alphie, Chris, 1 eyed Steven, his Dad Mike who ran the pub, my landlord Harry, Cheers and I'll have a pint of Ruddles County, Greene King IPA, or Samuel Smiths!
Gary Lisowski   Texas USA

Hello from Australia My name is Alan Brian Arnold. I am an Australian who a few days ago commenced tracking my family genealogy. I am a decedent of James or William (or both) Arnold, born ~1791, and included in the 1841 census for Norfolk (District of Hockwold cum Wilton) at page 23. The Public Records Office reference is HO 107/774/6. I have attached a copy. James is not included in the 1851 census for Hockwold cum Wilton, but some of his children are shown as living Wilton Street, Hocking cum Wilton. James’ son Henry Arnold – born 1840, migrated to Australia in about 1858 and started another branch of the Arnold’s in the state of Victoria, Australia. Most of his decedents settled in the area around Echuca, Victoria, at a small place called Torrumbarry. Henry Arnold married Susan Liddy at Bendigo on 25 Nov 1865, and produced William (died early), James (died early) Henry born 1870, Susan born 1872, Hannah born 1874, Lily (died early) William Fadyen born 3 Aug 1877 and David born 1880. William Fadyen married Olive Daisy Ann Foster and produced 11 children, one of which was Harold Arnold on 9 Oct 1922, who subsequently became my father. I will be visiting England in late July 2013, and intend to travel to the village of Hocking ann Wilton. I hope to meet some of my very distant relations. Is it possible you could put me in contact with one of them, or advise me on how I might go about getting in contact another way. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
Alam Arnold Nicholls  Australian Capital Territory, 2913 Australia

My name is Rose Koshman and I would like to post on your guestbook. I live in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. My email is I do not have a website. I am coming to Norfolk in the fall of 2015, and have researched my family history. My family came from Norfolk, from Thetford, and Hockwold-cum-wilton. My family names are Palmer and Arnold. I am looking to find some relatives or someone who may have known my family. I have my family history listed online on the ancestry website. I can certainly give names and dates however, I do not know of any relatives in the UK. I hope that someone can help me in some way. I appreciate your help and consideration
Rose Koshman Aldergrove  British Columbia Canada

my name is giuseppe schipani i think my granddad was there in the war as a prisoner his name is ildebrando verrusio i fond some photos on the back of one is the hostel m1 corkwoy drove hockwold thetford norfolk the story i have been told that he was court by 2 lady farm hands the over thing was told that he had a son there by the name of jack over names on photos are olive and blanche if anyone can help i live in baldock herts just down the road
giuseppe schipani Baldock  Herts UK

No Comment
Tam Jolie Bren O'Malley Hockwold  Norfolk UK

I have looked at your excellent website before, and I am most interested in the map of the Roman Fens, which shows some very deep water in places. Could you let me know who compiled this map, as I would be very interested to follow up on the sources used. I am interested in looking at the whole East Anglian coastline in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times.
David Addy Bury St Edmunds  Suffolk UK

18/01/2011 21:15:41
I lived in "Chain House" in the 1980's. Parents Frank & Cindy Morgan, I'm one of their daughters Mandy. We have several nice photos of the house, I loved that house! I loved the neighborhood. We'd climb up and sit on the wall across from the house. I also attended the village school for a year and remember weekly swimming lessons at Thetford. Maybe one day I'll bring my little ones for a visit to see one of the places I call home. Cheers!
Amanda Powers Dixon  Missouri USA

13/01/2010 23:01:48
I would like to get a message to Chris or Rob Wilson, Ron or Carrots Palmer to ask them to e-mail me or call at 813.654.6956. I would love to reconnect with these folks. Don Holderness 412 Boxcar Way Valrico, FL 33594 Home 813.654.6956 Cell 813.716.3603
Don Holderness Valrico, Hillsborough  Florida USA

05/06/2007 18:37:51
I am an old friend of the Palmer family going back to 1956. What a pleasant surprise to find this web site. I always speak of Hockwold to my family and they will be most interested in finally getting a chance to read about the New Hockwold. Wow! What a change to me too!
Andy Valocin   New Jersey USA

03/01/2007 12:43:01
Hello all Anne Martin nee Crane here Still got family in the village....Fred Crane living with his wife Irene in the Old Police House and another brother Ray living with his wife in South Street. One of Fred's son's Paul is living with his wife Elaine and dasughter Laura just around the corner. I lived number 8 Newtown Hockwold from around 1942 to 1956 and would love to here from anyone who knows me. My Grandparents were the Rolph's living in Pearces Close. My Sister Edith (Eve) sadly passed away 3 years agon but may well be remebered as the wife of Frank Banham Coal Merchant of Feltwell (sons Gordon, Robert and Peter). My brothers Derek (Mildenhall)and Gordon (Feltwell) remain local and sister Florence is living in Luton. Sadly our brother Mick passed away a year ago
Anne Martin (Crane) Aylesbury  Bucks England

11/12/2006 00:27:38
I have just found this site today and have only had a quick look but i am very impressed. my Ancestors the Arnolds, coopers and Johnsons were from Hockwold so i will keep visiting the site on a regular basis Adrian
Adrian Arnold CASTLEFORD  W. YORKSHIRE England n/a

01/12/2006 19:27:12
I have seen the photo of Elizabeth Cottage in Reeves Lane, my mother and father Violet and Ernest Clingo helped to build this cottage and lived in it until 1953 when we moved to South Street. My family were also happy living there and we have happy memories which we share when we all meet.
Dorothy Nisbett nee Clingo Hethersett  Norfolk England

14/11/2006 12:46:49
Hi All, I lived in your town from 60-63. My Dad was in the Air Force. I was 13 or so. I played with all the local kids. I lived in the Old Post Office. Believe it was called Chain House. I have many fond childhood memories. Some of the kids I played with had nicknames such as Screwy, Carrots etc. The only regular name I remember is Wendy Harrison. We all went on the bus to Brandon on Friday night to the "flicks". Ate at Freddy's Fish and Chips. Played till our Mums made us come home at the playing field. If you recognize any of the names, drop me an email. I am planning a trip to England in the near future. Thanks, Fred
Fred Long Naples  Florida USA

23/09/2006 03:11:58
Hey everyone, remember old Dave? Missing you all, until we meet again. Take Care.
David Byrd Rosamand  CA 93560 United States

31/08/2006 20:59:27
My maternal grandmother was the granddaughter of Susan Pearson born in H-cum-W, the daughter of Robert Pearson, farmer. One of her brothers was the George Thornton, who is listed in the 1870 direcory listed on your site. Another brother was the Henry Pearson, farmer in that directory. He married Martha Palmer, a sister of George Robert Palmer listed as blacksmith in that directory. Susan married William High from Reymerstone. Susan's mother Hannah nee Pigge was born in Reymerstone. My great grandfather was Susan'e youngest son John.
John Beetlestone    USA

04/08/2006 13:46:22
A Great site folks,I now know a lot more about Hockwold. Im looking for Cooper Geneolagy (Henry and Elizabeth 1851 census of Hockwold) Can any one help me with this. Please Contact Me
M.L Cooper Salmon Arm  British Columbia Canada

26/07/2006 14:49:22
I am tracing the Feetham Family Tree, John Feetham was born in Hockwold cum Wilton, Norfolk in 1801, and married Rachel .............. who was born in 1810. Would like more information if possible. Thanks
Marion Jepson Holmfirth   England

20/06/2006 17:09:57
I was once going to purchase the wonderful Hockwold Hall. The village of Hockwold was lovely. I really regret not moving there. When I retire I might come there to retire. I saw a few people in Hockwold aswell and they were really polite.
Melanie Chisolm   Middlesex, London United Kingdom

15/05/2006 18:05:39
hi come and see top hats at the contry fair
jess hockwold  norfolk england no URL given

28/04/2006 08:48:29

15/04/2006 23:00:42
i live in hockwold now and its pretty ok but there isnt anythin on ere bout da hall family coz im a rumsey now but my grandad wuld of bin a hall.
chloe rumsey HOCKWOLD  norfolk engklan no URL given

04/03/2006 21:13:43
My ancestors were all from Hockwold cum Wilton -KEMP,MALT,MORLEY and MALING
Brenda Masters Wangaratta  VIC Australia no URL given

07/02/2006 21:07:27
Researching my family tree, I discovered that my great-great-grandparents, James and Elizabeth Sparke - originally from Suffolk - were both teachers in Hockwold-cum-Wilton in 1851, and lived, with their children, at School House. I'm wondering whether School House, or the school it must have been attached to, still exist.
Margaret Warren Hitchin   UK no URL given

05/02/2006 19:59:43
I came across your web site when researching my family tree. I am related to William Green (Born 1824). He was my Great, great grandfather. I believe he had the Anchor pub and was a farmer. I don't know if my family goes any further back in Hockwold, but if anyone knows please let me know.
Paula Green Shrewsbury  Shropshire England no URL given

09/01/2006 19:31:10
With a little help I found your website, wonderful, I lived in England from 1954 until 1959 and remeber Hockwold well, this is the last place we lived before our return to the USA. I remember playing in the town square as we lived across the street in a large home that was converted to three apts. Also, the fish and chip shop down the street and movies once a week on a small screen in a building near the fish shop. Most of all, I remember the friendly people in the village and shops. My mother remembers all the friends she made at the pub on the corner near the town square. I will be checking out this site often for pictures as I am putting together a biography of my family for my grandchildren. Thank you again.Pam
Pamela Hopkins  California USA no URL given

05/01/2006 20:02:38
Visited the website, recognise some of the names.
Graham Goodenough Exeter   England no URL given

25/10/2005 00:02:31
I grew up in Hockwold and had my entire childhood there. I cant think of a nicer place in all the world to have been brought up. This site has brought back some very fond memories for me and I will hopefully make my way back some day. If anyone knows the people that own 32 Mill Lane please ask them to keep it safe.
Tim Austin Leeds   West Yorkshire UK no URL given

19/07/2005 19:00:53
I grew up in Hockwold for a bit of my life. I miss it dearly and return when I can. I have fond memories of the sweet shop near the school, the red Lion, and even Mr. Harris during the christmas play 'sweeney Todd the Barber' hope all is well dear friend Hockwold. Lovely memories, keeping them clear in my mind and deep in my heart.
Lara Brown Poughkeepsie  NY USA no URL given

11/07/2005 15:47:38
my cousin lives there...its great
dan greer walker   cass mn america no URL given

07/07/2005 12:24:43
its great.
driver mumu houlston  tx, usa no URL given

27/06/2005 20:03:37
Hi all, just wandering if anyone has any ghost stories in the village, am thinking of putting together a little book, please contact me at
Mike Hockwold  Thetford England no URL given

04/06/2005 02:00:05
I miss your lovely village and all of its wonderful people. I hope to visit there again one day.
Yevone Dean Acworth  Georgia USA no URL given

04/05/2005 22:18:25
great web site, grew up in Hockwold.Can anyone tell me how Mrs Froud is doing?
ernie byles santa barbara  california isa no URL given

24/02/2005 14:16:23
My descendants lived in Hockwold Cum Wilton their Surname was PEASE. If any one can help me with my family tree I would be very appreciative. Kind regards Wendy
Wendy Hargreaves Launceston  Tasmania Australia no URL given

13/02/2005 18:39:23
The guestbook really worked for me and I have found out my link to Bertha Harrison featuring on the 1937 Harvest Photo's. I hope more people use it.
Ian Thompson Bristol   England no URL given

13/02/2005 18:37:28
Great site,,,We have never been to Hockwold but hope to visit one day..
charles & julie Luddenden  West Yorkshire England no URL given

31/12/2004 17:14:43
My Grandma,(decd) was born in Hockwold in July 1901, just missing the census, one of a huge family at Clough Farm, Hockwold Fen, daughter of Grainger and Sally(nee Clark or Cox or Willett ?)Harrison who is also listed as butcher and shopkeeper in Kellys directory 1883. Her brothers and sisters were Francis, Ernest, Eva, Ida, Elsie, Alfred, Florence, Roger, Edgar, Ethel, Hilda, Fred, Maude, Grainger, Walter and Zacharia. Her name was Leila Elizabeth. They also had Maria Harrison, Graingers mother aged 89 with them. I was delighted to see Bertha Harrison's photo's on the site provided by Gill Pestell. Could we be related ???
Ian Thompson Bristol   England no URL given

07/12/2004 22:59:52
Me and my sister, Olivia, also lived in Hockwold and miss it very much. We moved away about four years ago from the reddish bungalow on Boundary Road. (the Hollies) The people there are so friendly and nice! I'm going to ask my mom to take me back someday and see my old elementary school, Feltwell. This is such an awesome site! I'll be sure to keep coming back and seeing if anyone I knew wrote on it!
Emily & Olivia Casey Las Vegas  Nevada United States no URL given

07/12/2004 18:10:08
Lived in Hockwold 1954 as child with USAF father. We were in cottage across from Red Lion (the small one on east end). I remember the St. James churchyard, seeing my first film (Abbott and Costello's Jack and the Beanstalk), of flowers every where (not like New Mexico!) and of Mrs. Mayes, and of the vicar. To me England will always mean Hockwold.
Donald Hickerson Toronto   Canada no URL given

23/11/2004 23:19:38
I had to come back for another look, great site.
Sarah Fraser Island  Queensland Australia

24/10/2004 21:04:22

09/07/2004 16:47:55
My maiden name is Brown, parents, Tony and Lil Brown of New Town until 1952. Great to visit web site.
Jan Vaughan Sheffield   England no URL given

22/05/2004 07:57:15
Hi Nige: It was good to meet you a year ago when I was again visiting in Hockwold. I've been so busy I still haven't had a chance to type up all of my notes from the Record Offices, etc. at Norwich and Bury!! Say hello to Rosina and all of the Enefers for me and have one for me at the Hockwold Country Fair at the farm!!
Jerry Vernon Burnaby  British Columbia Canada no URL given

11/04/2004 10:43:28
Excellent web-site, keep up the good work.
Allan Hunns West Bergholt,Colchester  Essex, CO6 3BQ England no URL given

24/03/2004 19:24:42
Hey if all yall in Hockwold have not signed up for BT BROADBAND please do this town will get good things from having broadband installed.
Chris Hockwold   England no URL given

12/03/2004 02:17:49
Hello to all in Hockwold.
We left Hockwold in February to start a new life in Australia. Will frequently visit the site to keep up to date with whats going on in the village.
Helen, Stuart & Gregory Cornell Melbourne   Australia no URL given

07/03/2004 19:53:00
Nige,your time and effort has paid off.what a great site!years have gone by since i lived in your neck of the woods so its great to stay updated with news and place changes.thank you so much for all you have done. Regards Gaynor
gaynor emerson gainsborough  lincs england no URL given

07/03/2004 17:16:03
donig a great job and most impressed with the genealogy section keep up the good work.
Trevor Mayes Wloverhampton  West middlands england no URL given

05/03/2004 22:23:14
Welcome Back! This the new Guestbook for Hockwold Village introduced on 1st March 2004 - Please sign again if you wish or visit the Arhives (see link above)
Nige (Webmaster) Hockwold, THETFORD  Norfolk UK


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