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Kentwell 1539/1600 Montage (Goode Desktop Wallpaper!!)

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Abbi and Richard/Dickon sat in front of the well near the Haymakers Station.
~ James the Alchemist ~

My daughter is Ellie MacKay as Mary Clopton far right of the picture in pink gown, The woman in Green is Jo Lawler as Marjory Clopton and the one to the right is, I think Kate Harding as Grisel West. Seated is Kester as the bishop of St Edmundsbury and speaking to him is of course Donald/the Fin as the Reeve. 
~  Bess  ~

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The tree is a hunting aid, made by (amongst others) the adorable Berrie & Martha... Haymakers co.

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The pike brigade....
From left to right - Jack, Dan, Steve, Paul, Kester, Josh, Jed and Cedar 
~  Cal  ~
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